Hopster Hopster

Hopster — App

Working with children and child psychologists we designed a bespoke, multi-screen user experience optimised for Apple TV. Parents can set limits on screen time and monitor their kids’ TV usage, as well as find their little ones’ viewing habits. Awarded Apple TV app of the year by App Store.

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Consumer Barometer

Google Consumer Barometer — Web

The Consumer Barometer is a simple, powerful tool built to understand how people use the internet around the world. It takes data from two significant annual surveys covering hundreds of thousands of adults in over 50 countries and then makes the findings available.

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Kindeo — App

Kindeo is an Elsewhen venture. Working with co-founders John Gilbey and Seb Royce, we are creating a product that combines storytelling with the power of video and brings families closer together. Kindeo is now available in the AppStore!

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Suzy Snooze

Suzy Snooze — IoT / App

Created in collaboration with sleep scientists and hundreds of parents, Suzy Snooze is beautifully designed, intelligent, customisable and connected. We partnered with Bleep Bleeps to ensure Suzy is not just beautiful, but smart too.

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Quit Genius

Quit Genius — App

Quit Genius is an Elsewhen Venture. The product is designed to help people quit smoking through a four-stage programme that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques (CBT) and technology to educate people about their smoking habits.

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Hide My Ass — Web

With a turnover of £11 million a year, Hide My Ass is the world’s most popular VPN provider. While traffic and sales were high, conversion rate was low, so there was plenty of room to improve. We worked together to redesign every touchpoint – from content marketing to the control panel.

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Baby Bundle

Baby Bundle — App

Baby Bundle enables new parents to record their baby’s milestones and medical information – simply and beautifully. Data visualisations help make sense of each stage as it unfolds. Elsewhen worked with the founders from their early idea to product/market fit.

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Sea of Thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves — Website

Rare is one of the UK's most beloved studios. From Killer Instinct to Golden Eye, they've created some of gaming history's true classics. With Playstation pushing out in front and the 'lost years of Kinect' their team was unshackled and asked to create the next console selling title.

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Google Creativity Guidebook

Google Guidebook — Web App

We worked alongside Google on this 3D pop-up book created to showcase their flagship products. An interactive toy to demonstrate the innovation, talent and hard work that have gone into creating these services.

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Google retail

Google Retail — Web

As part of an ongoing relationship with Google’s retail team, we were tasked with helping them better understand a customer's path to purchase and brand relationship. This work is helping to bridge the online/offline customer experience as Google begins rolling out their physical spaces.

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